Levi's Executive Turns Shopkeeper

Brett Glickman

She.Her has officially opened!

In this busy digital world, I have jumped into brick-and-mortar and embraced the concept of small business.

And other small business owners on my shop’s street have been hugely supportive. It has been a positive revelation that businesses can support each other and provide encouragement.

I wish I could say that I made this new move in my life to become a small business owner gracefully. But luckily, I had my family and friends steadfastly by my side even on my most insufferable days – and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Many things led me to this new chapter in my life. Looking back, I am not sure what the last straw was exactly in the growing haystack – but I could no longer accept the status quo.

Shrinking my life and starting this new endeavor seemed like the only way to minimize the detrimental effects of the larger world’s increased hypocrisy, inequality – and sheer lunacy.

By opening a new shop in my neighborhood, I have been privileged to learn more about this smaller world that turned out to be a previously unexplored universe. Since opening my doors, I have felt more connected to others and truly enjoy using my hard-earned skills to help customers look and feel great.

But some of my most joyful moments are when I connect with my neighbors and community on my new journey:

  • A 4th generation sign maker provided my storefront sign and told me, “You are officially in business once you hang a sign.”
  • Our mail carrier hugs and blesses me often and checks in on how I am doing at the shop.
  • The Lane Salon (around the corner from my shop) - Stevie (the owner) and Becca, my hair stylist, let me run my business plan and thoughts by them every three weeks when getting my grey hair dyed.
  • At our corner convenience store, Mohammed tells me not to panic daily, to wait, and to see how it goes after a year.
  • Anthony, at Attention to Deal Barbers, looked at my shop and gave me security advice.
  • Cafe Murano – they keep me caffeinated!
  • Punsawadee and her partner Rumpha, who owns Sweet Lime restaurant. They graciously stored my many packages left outside my store when I was in Italy on a buying trip before opening. Plus, I now know what great authentic Thai food tastes like!
  • Ralph and Reza from Task Rabbit, LUGG, and 1-800-Got Junk guys go above and beyond the call of duty to help me and provide a male point of view on the shop and products.
  • My neighbors and now customers lend their support daily.

She.Her is located at 2108 Sutter Street, San Francisco, and I’m also on Google Maps and Yelp. So if you’re visiting or in the neighborhood - stop in and say hello. I’d love to share my smaller She.Her world with you.

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